Urban Environment Sustainability Center
Stand F10/1
Our areas of focus include urban greening, the search for innovative architectural and urban solutions, the involvement of professionals in these processes and the creation of an active community of stakeholders. Our team consists of experienced specialists who have long sought to contribute to the development of Astana through applied solutions 🏢
We are focused on the implementation of projects that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment and the quality of life of its residents.
At the Center for Urban Sustainability, our mission is to transform our city into a place where green and living spaces become the foundation of society. Our activities are aimed at creating a new culture where sustainable development is part of everyday life through architectural initiatives and strategic planning.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Kaldayakova 17
Центр урбанистики города Астаны
Stand F10/1
The Astana Urban Studies Center is a team of young specialists engaged in creating a comfortable and safe urban environment. Since 2017, we have been actively working on the improvement of public and courtyard spaces, giving them a modern and functional appearance.

Our team has already managed to improve more than 1,000 public and courtyard spaces, making the city more attractive and comfortable for its residents and guests. Our team takes into account the needs and preferences of people, striving to create places where they want to spend time. We pay special attention to green areas, creating parks, squares and alleys that not only improve the appearance of the city, but also contribute to improving the environmental situation.

One of our significant achievements is the development of the Greening Charter, which standardizes and regulates the process of creating green areas in the city. We are also actively working on the introduction of innovative approaches in urbanism to make the city even more convenient and safe for all its residents.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, 6 M.Auezov street
Beltopgaz, State Production Association
Stand D4/1
One of the activities of Beltopgaz SPA is the extraction and processing of peat, as well as the production of nutritious peat substrates according to unique recipes for growing flowers, fruit and ornamental shrubs, trees, seedlings of various crops, vegetables, champignons and much more.
It is possible to scientifically develop formulations of substrates for certain crops, ensuring maximum quality and growth rate.
Belarus, Minsk
Belarus, Minsk, K. Marx, 14
Szkolka Drzew i Krzewow Fryszkowscy
Stand G5
Fryshkovskie Tree and shrub Nursery [Szkółka drzew i krzewów Fryszkowscy] is a well-functioning and modern company with traditions. In 1977, Anthony and Veslava Fryshkovsky bought a small farm with an area of 2 hectares in the village of Kostelets near Inovroclav. On this fertile Kuyavian land, they founded a ground nursery of deciduous trees and shrubs. Years of work and experience have led to intensive development of the nursery, its area has increased, and the production profile has also changed, from fruit trees and shrubs to a full range of ornamental plants. In 2005 the next generation starts working in the nursery: son Roman Fryshkovsky and daughter Renata Fryshkovskaya-Madey with her husband Robert Madey, who currently independently manage the farm, successfully operating on 100 hectares. The container site with plants in containers occupies 3 hectares, 4000 m2 and is located under canopies, and unpaved plantings occupy 35 hectares. The nursery has been a member of the Union of Nursery Workers since 1992.

We invite all lovers of greenery and gardens to our nursery.
Poland, Pakosc
Poland, Pakosc , Koscielec 94
Gazony Urala
Stand H5/4
Lawns Urals — these are comprehensive solutions in the field of landscape design, landscaping and landscaping of territories. The largest manufacturer of rolled lawn in the Urals. One of the largest suppliers of large-sized trees from 2 to 12 meters throughout Russia. Manufacturer of paving slabs, curbs and other products using Colormix and Stonetop technologies
Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk
Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Худякова, 17
Armas-MK LLP began its development in 2010. Over our 14 years of painstaking work, we have taken our place in the market of manufacturers of play equipment and playgrounds, MAFas and other elements of landscaping.

Today we have our own woodworking production workshop. The main types of products manufactured by the workshop are play equipment for playgrounds with an emphasis on the ECO line, including functionality suitable for children with disabilities:

  • children's play complexes;
  • play equipment (swings, balancers, bridges, carousels, etc.);
  • products for landscaping (benches, bridges, arches, pergolas, gazebos, canopies);
  • outdoor equipment and workout (sports complexes, also in the ECO Line).
  • Subsequently, other types of outdoor equipment and MAFS may be added to the range of products.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Aksai Street, building 1/3
Kazakhstan Greenery Association
Stand F11/2
The Kazakhstan Greenery Association is a public organization created on February 27, 2015 at the initiative of private companies in the green industry of Kazakhstan and defending the interests of landscaping professionals. To date, AOK unites 100 Kazakh, 2 Belarusian and 8 Russian companies.
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Timiryazeva st. 83a-27
ZION Kazakhstan
Stand F9
The ZION Rus company was founded in 2017 and is producing and selling ZION TM ion-exchange substrates for growing plants.
The key mission of the Company is to improve the quality of human life by providing healthy and sustainable grown food products.
The main goals of the Company are:
•increasing the efficiency of amateur and professional gardening while reducing the time and labor costs for harvesting ;
•maintaining zero negative impact on the environment;
•solving the problem of soil depletion and degrading all over the world.
The ionic nutrient substrate ZION was developed jointly with the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the Republic of Belarus National Academy of Sciences for growing plants on any soil using ionitoponics* technology.
ZION contains all the nutrients, necessary for the quality and harmonious growth of plants. It has a prolonged action and is a 100% environmentally friendly soil nutrition, due to the fact that it is produced on the basis of a natural volcanic mineral - zeolite. It exhibits ion-exchange properties, which makes it an ideal basis for the production of ion-exchange substrates.
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, 3 Zhaysan str., office 10
Stand F7/5
ENGO was founded in Slovakia in 1992 by a small group of supporters, with little capital, but with great passion and love for the environment. The company's specialty is to be a reliable partner and supplier of specialized equipment and fertilizers for the care of golf courses and football fields. In Kazakhstan, the ENGO company began its work at the end of 2019. We supply ICL mineral fertilizers, Barenbrug lawn grass seeds, as well as professional lawn care equipment from leading European manufacturers to the Kazakhstan market.
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Aksay 4, 71/24
Stand B5
The BIOSAD Garden Center was founded in 2014.
To date, the company includes:
- 2 garden centers;
- own nursery for growing plants with an open and closed root system.
At the BIOSAD garden center, you can purchase seedlings of fruit and ornamental plants with a closed root system in containers, seeds of vegetable and flower crops, tools and garden tools.
The nursery grows high-quality plants with an open root system. We carefully monitor compliance with all modern standards, so our plants take root perfectly and are in great demand among both professional landscape gardeners and ordinary amateur gardeners.
In the nursery we grow spirea, lapchatki, barberry, turf, pemphigus, dogwood, thuja, spruce, pine, juniper.
But the main specialization of the nursery is, of course, hydrangeas.The BIOSAD Garden Center was founded in 2014.
To date, the company includes:
- 2 garden centers;
- own nursery for growing plants with an open and closed root system.
At the BIOSAD garden center, you can purchase seedlings of fruit and ornamental plants with a closed root system in containers, seeds of vegetable and flower crops, tools and garden tools.
The nursery grows high-quality plants with an open root system. We carefully monitor compliance with all modern standards, so our plants take root perfectly and are in great demand among both professional landscape gardeners and ordinary amateur gardeners.
In the nursery we grow spirea, lapchatki, barberry, turf, pemphigus, dogwood, thuja, spruce, pine, juniper.
But the main specialization of the nursery is, of course, hydrangeas.
Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz
Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz, Auezova, 95A
Green Solution Company LLP
Stand F6/3
Green Solution company was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating green and cozy spaces. We specialize in interior and landscape gardening, offering a wide range of plants and decorative elements. Our company is also a leading supplier of flowerpots and planters for large-sized plants, providing customers with high-quality solutions for decorating their homes and offices with greenery.
Russian Federation, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Jambyl 71/57
Green Garden
Stand B1
The Green Garden company has been operating in the market of Kazakhstan since 2005. We are the official distributor of the manufacturers "Prosperplast" (Poland), "Scheurich" (Germany), "Cellfast" (Poland), "Florovit" (Poland) and in Kazakhstan. We carry out wholesale and retail sales of lawn grass seeds of European quality "DLF" from Denmark.

In addition, the company sells products of Russian companies "Avgust", "Fertika", "Fusco", "Green Carpet", "Lama Peat", "AO Garden" (Bona Forte, Good Power, Offline, Dr. Klaus).

More than 5 thousand items of goods:

-Flower pots (indoor, outdoor made of plastic and ceramics)
-Soils, peats, drains and substrates.
-Fertilizers (liquid, granular, crystalline, organomineral, prolonged)
-Processing agents (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides)
-Lawn grass seeds
-Irrigation systems (hoses, hose accessories)
-Garden tools (rakes, shovels, scissors, pruners, carts, trash cans, etc.)
-Garden sprayers
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Bokeyhanov 47а
Soil Factory
Stand E3
Soil Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality soils, as well as related products for gardening and landscape design. In our assortment, in addition to soils, you will find fertilizers, garden tools and other products for the garden. All our products undergo strict quality control to ensure optimal nutritional properties and soil structure. We are widely represented on the market of Russia, Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.
In Kazakhstan we work with such networks as Zeta, Dina market, Svetofor
Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg
Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg, Krestinskogo 35, office 20
Stand F5/4
The PitomnikiShop is a dynamically developing company that has been successful in the market for more than 13 years. We specialize in products and equipment for growing plants and caring for them.

The depth of the assortment and the flexible pricing policy of the PitomnikiShop enable our customers to carry out wholesale and retail purchases of everything they need in one place at any time of the year, without wasting time searching for suppliers for each type of product separately.

Constantly improving, we take into account doing everything possible to facilitate the daily activities of nurseries, landscape companies and garden centers.

Our partners are only proven and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of goods and equipment.

Our clients are professionals and amateurs in the field of crop production in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Russian Federation, Krasnogorsk
Russian Federation, Krasnogorsk, Ильинское шоссе, 1а
Stand D3
BAGBAN KZ LLP is a young and rapidly developing wholesale and retail company, a large supplier of household and garden goods on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We had set up a system of wholesale and retail sales in Kostanay city and its surrounding areas in short period of time. BAGBAN KZ LLP is an exclusive distributor of well-known Russian brand of home and garden goods, landscaping - LISTOK; one of the largest suppliers of planting material; provides full range of services of importing goods from broad. Due to the policy of constant developing, updating and extension of assortment as well as goods' quality control system BAGBAN KZ LLP has gained customers' loyalty and credibility very quickly. All these factors will help us to occupy a leading position on Kazakhstan market in the nearest future
Kazakhstan, Kostanay
Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Karbysheva Street, 18A
Stand F12/6
• Cultivation and sale of high-quality planting material of fruit, tree-shrub and coniferous species of promising varieties;
• Forest seed production;
• Cultivation and sale of medicinal herbs;
• Participation in carrying out works on landscaping and improvement of settlements;
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, Kyzylzhar district Borovskoye village Valikhanov street 2
Stone First
Stand H5/2
We sell landscape stones, bath stones, flagstone and sawn stone, mulch, and gabions. The company was founded in 2019.
Our strengths
* Delivery across Kazakhstan. Help in choosing transport and choosing stones
* Large assortment and availability of goods in stock.
* We accept both cash and non-cash payments with all documents.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Highway Astana Karaganda 9A
Green Deer, LLC
Stand B5/3
Wholesale of seeds of lawn and fodder grasses, green manure and honey crops. Coating seeds. To date, the Green Deer company develops herbal mixtures for road and construction companies, utilities, hobby markets, and professional landscaping companies according to its own recipe and the recipe of customers. We also offer special grass mixtures for blackening slopes, sports facilities, airfields, land reclamation after oil and gas developments for various climatic zones. Export of grass seeds to various countries.
Russian Federation, Dmitrov
Russian Federation, Dmitrov, Birlov Field, 11
Outdoor exhibition
Company for the production and installation of small architectural forms. It includes pavilions, shade canopies, pergolas, decorative wells and other decorative wood products.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Karasaz 13
Rusinhim, AO
Stand B1
Bona Forte brand is a leader of indoor floriculture in Russia.
It’s a brand–expert, that has in its range high quality products and unique innovative products. Bona Forte is the first brand in the world that offers most complete line of products to care for indoor plants and outdoor crops, as well as products for cut flowers.

Since 2020, under the Bona Forte brand, the production of fertilizers and preparations in large industrial packaging has begun.

Bona Forte Professional product range includes the following product categories:

-Complex liquid and granular fertilizers
-Plant protection products against diseases, pests and stress
-Professional ready-made substrates for growing plants
-Biological products for organic farming
Russian Federation, Podolsk
Russian Federation, Podolsk, Koledino village, 1B building 7, office 1
Kovalchuk Vladislav Anatolyevich, Sole proprietor
Stand F5/3
Vlad Kovalchuk's nursery is one of the largest producers of planting material in Russia. We produce about 2 million plants annually.

The product range of the Vlad Kovalchuk Nursery includes more than:
-600 species and varieties of perennial flowers
-300 types of decorative deciduous trees and shrubs
-350 species of fruit trees and shrubs
-60 names of coniferous plants
-100 varieties of roses.

In our nursery you can buy:
plants with an open root system, 1-2-year-old plants in a container, large plants with a closed root system, large-sized soil.
The nursery can also offer a flexible system of discounts: both one-time and cumulative. All prices include the selection, packaging, and loading of planting material.
Russian Federation, Moscow oblast
Russian Federation, Moscow oblast, Kashirsky district, Sukhanovo village, vl. 1
Sibel Astana, Sole proprietor
Stand В4/1
Seedlings for the northern garden
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Abylai Khan, 54a np14
Vertorf, LLC
Stand Е3/2

Specialization: peat extraction and production of professional peat substrates, peat soils, peat mixtures.

Year of foundation: 2009

The mission:
• Ecological crop production as a guarantee of the health of the nation and future generations
• Progressive development of the Russian agro-industry
• Support and development of ecobusiness in Russia

Our goals:
• popularization and implementation of scientific approaches to growing plants on professional peat substrates in agricultural enterprises of Russia to obtain environmentally friendly products and large yields;
• to maintain a leading position in the Russian market and in the industry as a whole;
• to enter foreign markets with a high-quality and competitive product

Our brands:
"VELTORF", "VeltorfPremium", "Veltorf Sapropel", "WELL peat", "JUST", "JUST Plus", medium packages
Russian Federation, Velikiye Luki
Russian Federation, Velikiye Luki, 1A Gogol Street
Stand G1
The AMINOSIL trademark represents organic vitamins for plants.

AMINOSIL is a unique complex of vitamins and amino acids for plants of all kinds, designed specifically for ornamental and fruit crops!

The composition of AMINOSIL includes macro and microelements, as well as more than 40 essential amino acids, in a special chelated, easily digestible form.

The line includes 12 species with a unique individual composition of elements and amino acids, which allows you to bring maximum benefit to a specific type of plants and crops.
Russian Federation, Moscow
Russian Federation, Moscow, 17 Leninskaya Sloboda street
ProfitGarden, LLC
Stand F7/2
ProfitGarden produces soil substrates and culture fluids enriched with strains of various microorganisms for soil treatment and plant care. All Profit products were developed in cooperation with the leading microbiological laboratories of the Republic of Belarus. The Profit complex of drugs will help the owners of household plots, summer residents, farmers to cope with the problems that arise when growing crops. Profit products are presented in retail chains of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, as well as on marketplaces.
Belarus, Minsk
Belarus, Minsk, Storozhevskaya str., 15A
Stand E3/1
TERRAFLOR LLC (TM WBBPeat, TM BalticPeat, TM Zemelya, TM Main on the bed) is a company for the extraction, production and export of peat, soils and peat products in the Leningrad region. In 2021, a plant was built and put into operation in the village of Koporye, Leningrad region, today with a capacity of 250 thousand m3 per year.
Russian Federation, Leningrad region
Russian Federation, Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky district, Koporye village, Torgovaya str., building 24, room 8
Amina Sauda, ТОО
Stand E3/1
Amina Sauda is a manufacturer of plastic pots, cassettes for plants and nets for clods. Supplier of a full range of related products for growing plants.

Over the years we have established the production of plastic pots starting from 0.2 liters to large containers up to 160 liters.

Plastic products are made on modern European equipment. We use only trusted raw material suppliers.

Advantages of working with our company:
✔ working directly with the manufacturer
✔ delivery to all regions of Kazakhstan
✔continuous improvement and expansion of the range
✔ all popular novelties of the industry
✔ delivery right to your doorstep

Our products are sent to farms and plant nurseries in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. Since the founding of AMINA® more than 10,000 customers have used our products. Every client is important to us. We are open to dialogue and accept constructive criticism. The goal of our work is а long-term cooperation with you.

Website: https://aminaplast.kz/

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, 7 Tashkentskiy trakt 18/8
Telephone: +77777473655 +77777473636
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Tashkent highway, 18/8
CST-KazSvyazComplekt, TOO
Stand B4/3
KSC-PLAST is a domestic manufacturing company founded in 2002.

It has plants for the production of products made of polymer materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty and Almaty region.

The main activity is the production of plastic products of any size, for any needs.

KSC products have quality certificates of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conclusions and compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kiprensky 19
Alikhan Stroy Company LLP
Stand В5/1
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Akkemer 3
Jardin Design Production, LLP
Stand D4
Sale of ornamental plants.
Decorative plants and trees are necessary for the spectacular design of the backyard, a beautiful lawn, a playground.
Automatic irrigation systems.
Watering the site manually is not an easy task, especially when it comes to large areas. The situation changes if you use professional irrigation systems. With their help, the process is simplified, and the need for personal participation disappears. In addition, the quality of irrigation is improved. We use the best equipment of world brands.
Landscape design.
Landscaping is the main secret of an ideal garden. The main task of landscape design is to create harmony, beauty in combination with the convenience of using the infrastructure of buildings, smoothing the conflict between urban forms and nature, which often suffers from them, as well as determining the future style.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Akzhayik str., plot 8/1
Topiary Decor
Topiary figures made of fiberglass and durable artificial lawn.
Russian Federation, Ufa
Russian Federation, Ufa, Listopadnaya str., house 35A