Green Works International
Stand C2/3
Green Works is the grower specialized in young planting material for Peonies, Ranunculus, special pot plants and summer cut flowers.
Netherlands, Schagerbrug
Netherlands, Schagerbrug, Stolperweg 41
Stand F6/1
Matiz Roses is a leading company in the floral industry, specializing in the production and distribution of exquisite roses worldwide, With a passion for quality and a commitment to sustainability, we take pride in offering a wide range of vibrant and long-lasting roses to our customers. Our journey began years ago, when we recognized the need for exceptional roses that not only possess beauty but also stand the test of time. We have since dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of rose cultivation, by combining cutting-edge technology with the cultivationusing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest quality blooms within the farm benefits from optimal environmental conditions for fresh cut roses production. At Matiz Roses, we understand that every occasion deserves the perfect floral arrangement. Whether it's a romantic gesture, a celebration, or a heartfelt expression of sympathy, our roses are carefully selected and hand-picked to create stunning bouquets and arrangements that leave a lasting impression.
Equador, Latacunga
Subati Flowers
Stand B2/2
Subati Flowers Ltd – Is a grower and exporter of over 176 varieties of spray and single head roses. Also good assortment summer flowers and small head roses. Our farms are located in Northern Kenya on the slopes of the Great Rift Valley.

The roses are grown in greenhouses spanning over 125 Hectares at an altitude of 2,200m above sea level, giving rise to exceptionally high quality T-Hybrid roses. We export over 80 million stems a year to 25 different countries around the world.

The Subati brand is very well known in the Flower Industry and we continue to be the preferred supplier to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality flowers with exceptional customer service.
Kenya, Nairobi
Kenya, Nairobi, PO Box No 25130
Stand E2/2
As a family, Linflowers specializes in growing chrysanthemums to perfection. With our craftsmanship, we create beautiful works of art that reflect the values of hard work, passion and creativity passed down from generation to generation
Netherlands, Nieuwaal
Netherlands, Nieuwaal, De Lange Morgen
Dümmen Orange
Stand C2
Dümmen Orange is a leading global breeder and propagator of ornamental flowers and plants, offering an impressive portfolio of cut flowers, pot plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, bulbs, and tubers to growers, wholesalers, and retailers around the world.
Netherlands, De Lier
Netherlands, De Lier, Coldenhovelaan 6
Enigma Flowers Trading BV
Stand C3
ENIGMA FLOWERS GROUP - Flowers for all live situations!
Our Holland Company Enigma Flowers Trading - is one of the biggest brokers at the Flora Holland flower auction in Holland and the largest supplier of the Holland assortment in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
Our representative office Enigma Flowers in Israel, together with our Israeli subsidiary April Flower, has long been a trendsetter in floral fashion in the Middle East and Asia. We export the largest range of foliage greenery and flowers.
Latin America and Kenya - is our special love. For over 20 years, we have been exporting flowers from the best plantations and our prices are unbeatable. Enigma Flowers will help you not only buy flowers in Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, but also to deliver them anywhere in the world.
We provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase in our online WEBSHOP, not only sitting in the office at the computer, but anywhere in the world, directly from your mobile device.
You can download the application of our online store for free from the APP STORE and PLAY STORE. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the high quality of products and services, efficiency in work and the best prices.
Netherlands, Honselersdijk
Netherlands, Honselersdijk, Middel Broekweg 29
Dekker Chrysanten B.V.
Stand D2/1
Dekker Chrysanten is your partner for quality chrysanthemums! As a forerunner in the sector, we have developed numerous varieties that seamlessly meet the wishes of the global flower trade. Our varieties have been developed with an eye on transportability, ornamental value and vase life: exactly what is important to you! With well-known top varieties such as Antonov, Topspin and Pyotr, we have already proven ourselves.

Our absolute best seller is currently Altaj, a beautiful white spray chrysanthemum with a green center and excellent vase life. Altaj is very well appreciated and is perfect for any floral arrangement. Another popular variety of Dekker Chrysanten is Kennedy, a well-known spray chrysanthemum with the same qualities as Altaj and which is also very good to dye.

Besides our wide range of spray and disbudded chrysanthemums, we also offer an extensive range of santinis and madibas, both segments in which we are even market leaders worldwide.

Visit our booth (C6/1) and admire our assortment! If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Warja Abrosimova (
Netherlands, Hensbroek
Netherlands, Hensbroek, Julianaweg 6A
Stand D2

With years of experience in the Dutch flower industry, we’ve seen that sourcing flowers and plants can be done much more efficiently by means of digitization.

Flowers and plants can be delivered with fewer intermediaries and logistic handling by shortening the supply chain. This reduces costs and the products remain fresher.

We connect growers directly to you as a customer, without traders and without keeping stock. We provide the most efficient way of sourcing by offering one platform and one pick-up point.

Prices shown on our platform are transparent and direct from the grower without the blur of added commissions.


Whether you make your own arrangement with growers, purchase on the auction clock using KOA or using our platform or API, we collect the products and prepare them for transport on our logistic hub.

We work with specialized and experienced partners in inbound and outbound logistics to take advantage of their economies of scale and therefor guaranty the lowest handling costs in the market.
Netherlands, Aalsmeer
Netherlands, Aalsmeer, Legmeerdijk 313
Decorum Company
Stand E2
Decorum is the premium brand of more than fifty Dutch growers. All are family businesses, mainly third or fourth-generation growers. These growers work together to create a strong brand that stands for quality, innovation and sustainability. This brand is Decorum. With hundreds of innovations yearly, Decorum’s assortment continuously varies and is always exciting! The growers of Decorum are investing in sustainability. Daily, the growers are working hard to make this world a better place, from projects that contain natural energy sources to the most advanced growing techniques. Reduced use of plastic and lowering our carbon footprint are central to our sustainability goals.

It speaks for itself that only the best plants and flowers are selected for the Decorum brand. Like you, our growers have a great passion for plants and flowers! The Decorum quality label is our promise that all of our products are of premium quality with a longer lifespan.
Netherlands, Naaldwijk
Netherlands, Naaldwijk, Europa, 1
Schreurs Holland
Stand E2/1
Schreurs Holland is a breeding Company in Roses & Gerberas acting worldwide.
Our leading position gives us the opportunity to present our products all over the world.
At our headquarter company in the Netherlands, we cross, breed and propagate the most beautiful varieties as Red Naomi! in roses and Kimberly in Gerberas. Visit our website to see our wide range of flowers and young plants from our unique facility.
Schreurs Holland can guarantee you the best varieties in the highest quality standards!
You are always welcome to visit us in Holland!
Netherlands, De Kwakel
Netherlands, De Kwakel,
Hoofdweg 81
Elite Flora Novosibirsk
Stand H1
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, 136 Pobedy Street
Stand A2
Our 4 hectare farm, located at 2800 meters over seal level, has specialized on high quality cultivation of 24 outstanding varieties. Being a boutique farm, every step of our process is strictly supervised by highly trained professionals, insuring our clients less mistakes through it.
We are always predisposed to accept any recommendations from our clients regarding new varieties or market trends.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe , Km 181, Carretera E35
Floraroma S.A.
Stand A2
A couple of young students at the university shared their passion for ecology, soil, nature, and plants while learning to become agricultural engineers. As enthusiastic dreamers, they rented a 108,000 square feet (1 hectare) farm of roses to start a local business in Carchi, located in the North of Ecuador. Both gained much experience and developed roses with high quality for export, leading them to decide to shift their target market and offer their products to international customers.
In 2006, they decided to relocate to Cayambe, an agricultural town, to start a new farm. This region is known for its suitability to grow flowers, with most rose farms situated at the foot of the Cayambe volcano. Since then, the farm has been managed by Andrés and Gloria. Currently, Andrés serves as the operational head of the farm, and Gloria is the CEO. They oversee a 7 million square feet (65 hectares) greenhouse facility for rose production located in Cayambe, Tabacundo, and Ibarra. The farm boasts 84 varieties and employs hundreds of collaborators, all ready to fulfill your requests.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe , KM 11/2 way to Tabacundo
World Roses Center
Stand A2
“World Roses Center” is the farm and commercial brand of roses produced by the company “Industrial y Agropecuaria CLARCOMCORP Cia. Ltda.”, founded in 2018 in the Center of the World, Tabacundo, Ecuador.

What we do?
The roses of the “WORLD ROSES CENTER” farm deliver art, color and beauty to their clients, and are produced in a privileged region of the world with the best climatic and environmental conditions, the same ones that allow intense colors, long and straight stems, adequate life in the vase and bright green leaves. This allows the farm to produce personalized boxes adapted to the needs and preferences of each client, with a content of 4 to 22 bouquets per box, depending on the length of the stem and the size of the button of each variety.

Who we are?
The company began its operations with the use of the rose brand “Santa Clara World Roses Center”, a name that was used as a recognition by its founders to Mrs. Clara Mesa for all her contribution to the economic and social development of Cayambe, a town near Tabacundo.
In the year 2023 the farm consolidated decided to use the name “World Roses Center”. The objective of the change was to communicate to all customers that the best roses in the world are produced in the center of the world, Tabacundo, Ecuador, in THE WORLD ROSES CENTER.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe, Calle 23 de noviembre, Comuna la Libertad
Северный сад
Stand F12/7
Our nursery is engaged in the cultivation of tree-like and herbaceous peonies, as well as ornamental and fruit and berry bushes. We are focused on both wholesale and retail
Russian Federation, Volgograd
Russian Federation, Volgograd
Stand А1/1
Flores Verdes is a rose growing farm that produces and exports fresh cut roses.
Our entire operation is designed to guarantee the highest quality roses grown under environmentally conscious practices.

Our location in the middle of the world plus 12 hours of permanent day light give our roses the ideal conditions to offer our customers;

long lasting roses
intensive colors
huge head size
flawless foliage
longer and thicker stems

We are permanently introducing new varieties to offer our selected customers. Nowadays, we grow more than 70 premium varieties of roses, some of them exclusive & many others extremely rare.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe , La Tola, Granobles
Quality Flower Group
Stand D3/1
We are growers with high quality chrysanthemums
Netherlands, Gameren
Netherlands, Gameren, Jan Coolenhof 13
Stand F7
Bahor Gullari - ornamental plant nursery in Tashkent - an expert in crop production!

Bahor Gullari is a garden center with an expert approach to landscaping and beautification of your space,
which presents adapted plants from all over the world, the main suppliers from the Netherlands,
Italy, Belgium, Germany and other countries of the world.

The widest range of plants for any space! In Uzbekistan, Bahor Gullari delivers plants to any point.

We will help you choose plants for your home and backyard, create a magnificent landscape next to the office center,
help with landscaping and landscaping
of both huge territories, and help decorate any plot by area.

The company's experts will not only create a landscape design, but also help to preserve and grow your plants for many years,
because proper care will help
you fully enjoy the grown plants of sometimes bizarre shapes by creating real "living" art objects.

We are always in touch to support and advise you. You can order plants on the website, by e-mail or by phone.
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Tashkent district, Khasanboy SSG, Industrial zone
Stand B3/2
We are manufacturers of premium roses. We export your favorite roses to your country. Our quality-based standards and practices have strengthened our position in the rose industry, setting us apart from the real giants. We set trends in the market with our unorthodox approach to rose varieties. That's what we're going to do, and that's why you love us!

This will help us become the model agricultural company that we want to be.
Ecuador, Tabacundo
Ecuador, Tabacundo, La Libertad SN
Stand F10
The largest agricultural holding "ECOCULTURE" (Kazakhstan) - The ONLY producer of CHRYSANTHEMUMS in Kazakhstan, as well as elite, most sought-after varieties of ROSES.

Two high-tech greenhouse complexes with a total area of over 8 hectares are located in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

1. ROSE greenhouse - an area of 4 hectares, date of foundation 2012, over 30 varieties of European varieties.
2. CHRYSANTHEMUM greenhouse - an area of 3.5 hectares, launched in 2023, over 20 varieties of chrysanthemums.

The technological support is based on the best Dutch developments and provides comfortable conditions for the mass cultivation of flowers.
Our products are guaranteed high quality, aesthetic characteristics and durability of the flower.
Our approach to customers: focus on long-term mutually beneficial relationships, transparent pricing policy, loyalty system based on the volume and frequency of orders.

Our company has been successfully operating for over 12 years, our clients are companies in Kazakhstan, Russia and the CIS.
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Aksai-3a, 62a
Stand H5/1
FATAKI is a strategic solution that ensures uninterrupted delivery of your flowers, as well as perfect packaging and their quality
Kenya, Nairobi
Kenya, Nairobi, Agrotronics Horticulture, Freight Road Jkia
Flower company «Nicole»
The flower company "Nicole" has been operating in the market of Kazakhstan for more than 35 years.
The only nursery of tropical plants in Kazakhstan, with a huge assortment of plants available. Large sizes up to 4.5 m.

The main directions of the company:
- Garden center in Almaty
• indoor plants
• garden plants
• soils, pots, fertilizers, etc.

- Flower salon
• floristry
• Event design

- Delivery of goods from the Netherlands
- Internal landscaping of objects
- Supply of plants to regional networks
- Plant rental
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Garden center: 57 Ryskulova ave.
Stand E3/4
Tessa Corp is a leading grower of the World’s Finest roses with a globally recognized brand name,

a strong reputation for quality, with over 25 years of meticulous commitment to our craft.

The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment span more than 152 hectares (376 acres) of the most privileged land for flower production

in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador, at 3,000 meters (9843 ft) above sea level.

Our roses come in over 100 premium quality varieties that boast vivid colors and bicolor combinations, grown by over 1200 highly-skilled artisan growers.
Ecuador, Quito
Ecuador, Quito, Eugenio Espejo #5
Florisol & Co
Stand F5
Since 1984, Florisol&Co. has grown into one of the most important companies of the flower industry in Ecuador, with 42 hectares of production it is recognized worldwide for its quality & corporate responsibility.

At the present time, the company includes on its portfolio mainly 21 flower categories; Football Mums, Spider Mums, Cremons, Disbud Balls, Oriental Lilies, OT Lilies, Roselilies, Alstroemerias, Delphinium, Solidago, Lepidium, Sunflower, Gypsophilia, Roses, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Callas, Mini Callas, Eryngium, Gladdies & Tinted Products.

Seeking innovation at every stage, this family owned business is composed by three farms: Florisol, Piaveri & Clarivel. It has its own Tissue Lab to guarantee the quality and consistency of all chrysanthemum varieties. And its own broker division: Marvel Flowers. Customers who choose Florisol&Co know they are also investing in the Ecuadorian communities who have finally found prosperity through the company´s opportunities, as well as healthy flowers, which will gracefully bring happiness and enchantment to their lives.
Ecuador, Quito
Ecuador, Quito, Av. 6 de Diciembre y la Niña Edif. Multicentro Of. 703.
Stand F3
Plantations Galaxy Flowers Group are located in the northern part of Ecuador, in the Cayambe region, a favorable place for growing various varieties of flowers due to its geographical position, long hours of sunshine, climate and temperature.
The rose has long been considered the queen among flowers, it is valued for its sophisticated look and delicate aroma, as well as the variety of species and varieties. Florists from all over the world consider Ecuadorian roses to be among the finest roses in the world. They are distinguished not only by their beauty and bright color of the buds, but also by their high durability. This is an important criterion for assessing the quality of a flower, as successful sales depend on it.
Galaxy Flowers Group produces and supplies fresh cut Ecuadorian roses FOB Quito. We carry out direct wholesale sales without intermediaries at competitive prices.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe
Haakman Flowerbulbs B.V.
Stand E1
As far as tulip bulbs are concerned, Haakman Flowerbulbs are the absolute global specialists. We export tulips for the nursery, working closely with the best growers in the Netherlands.
Why Haakman Flowerbulbs BV?
-One of the few real tulip specialists.
-A wide and innovative range for large and small customers who force tulips in water or top soil.
-Bulbs from the best growers in the Netherlands.
-High level of automation: we know exactly where each bulb originates and can rapidly provide information.
-Specialist in preparation and cultivation. We are proud that Ger Koomen – an expert in tulip preparation – is involved with our company.
-We inspect every batch of tulip bulbs for internal quality and always carry out stage monitoring. We prepare our bulbs very precisely depending on the outcome of the tests.
-Year-round supply thanks to our branch in New Zealand.
-Punctual delivery thanks to excellent logistics.
-We give extensive global assistance in the forcing process.
-We think like growers because we also have our own nursery (H&M Flowers).
Netherlands, Wervershoof
Netherlands, Wervershoof, Molenweg 6
Stand С1/1
Hoja Verde was founded in 1997 on the lands of the Letort family, located in Cayambe, near La Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador. At the beginning, around 10 acres were used for floricultural production. Currently, there are 3 producing farms: Hoja Verde, JoyGardens and FlorMare, with more than 113.6 acres dedicated to the production of roses. In each of our farms we work with the highest standards of production and quality.
Ecuador, Cayambe
Ecuador, Cayambe, calle 13 de mayo Hcda Ishigto
Mount Elgon Orchards LTD
Stand D2
We produce the HIGHEST quality roses on our farm in Kenya.
Our core values are quality, responsibility and pleasure.
Kenya, Kitale
Kenya, Kitale, West Suam Road
Stand F8
Rosas del Corazon is a well-known producer of premium and luxury garden Ecuadorian roses.

Our main advantage is altitude - 3100 m above the sea: roses grow 1 month longer and while this time take more sunlight and vitamins.
The stem is stronger, bud - bigger, color - more intense and vase life is higher

+ 50 Premium varieties
+ 20 Luxury & Spray Garden varieties
+ 120 More than 120 varieties
Testing and selecting roses with long vase life and large buds

We grow new trendy, fashionable varieties every 4-6 months

Roses are our
Ecuadorian roses and flowers are known by its quality and beauty. Our farms are in The Andean region in Ecuador.
We produce amazingly beautiful flowers with shocking colors, larger buds, and bigger blooms
Ecuador, Machachi
Ecuador, Machachi, Panamericana Sur Km 41 Sector la Avanzada
Astana Botanical Garden
Стенд F11/1
The Astana Botanical Garden is a scientific organization dedicated to conducting research and scientific developments on the protection, protection, reproduction and use of flora, including rare and endangered plant species. The main directions of scientific research:
- development of scientific foundations for the introduction of plant species of the world, domestic and cultural flora in the Central and Northern regions of Kazakhstan in the conditions of the Astana Botanical Garden;
- development and search for effective techniques and technologies for their cultivation and reproduction;
- monitoring the growth and development of introduced floral, ornamental and greenhouse plants of the world, domestic and cultural flora;
- development of scientific bases for the use of introduced plants for landscape and interior landscaping.
Kazakhstan, Astana
Kazakhstan, Astana, Orynbor 14B
Stand G5
We are a company engaged in growing several types of flowers in a greenhouse. Our unique and beautiful flowers are an object of pride. Our strategic goal is to enter the foreign market and successfully export activities. We are looking for customers who want to buy our flowers in bulk. We are actively advancing in the local market, but we are especially interested in developing the global segment.
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 41 Beruniy street
VannoVa Master Growers
Stand G5
VannoVa is an alliance of leading chrysanthemum growers. By working together on production, marketing and promotion, VannoVa’s master growers have acquired a prominent international position. The master growers’ collective years of experience have made VannoVa an inviting, global partner for the production and supply of chrysanthemums in the high quality segment.

VannoVa chrysanthemums are sold around the globe, with Europe as the most important trading area. This is hardly surprising given that we’ve been doing business with this region for years and they always expect top quality. Over the years, constant quality improvements and custom-made products that meet our clients’ wishes, have kept our chrysanthemum varieties at the very top of the sector.

New shapes, new colours and unprecedented uses. VannoVa supplies the best chrysanthemum varieties in the world.
Netherlands, Maasdijk