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Flora Expo Astana has received the status of a UFI Approved Event

We have great news! Flora Expo Astana has received the status of a UFI Approved Event.

What does this mean?

UFI, the World Association of the Exhibition Industry, assigns the status of UFI Approved Event only to the most outstanding and well-organized exhibitions. This recognition proves that Flora Expo Astana meets the highest international standards and attracts leading participants and visitors from all over the world.

Why is this important?

The UFI Approved Event status means that the Flora Expo Astana exhibition:

● Meets the high quality standards set by UFI.
● Attracts an international audience and participants.
● Provides a high level of organization and management of the event.

In addition, the UFI Approved Event highlights our commitment to the development and support of the exhibition industry on a global level. As UFI members, we have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to improve the quality of our events, including access to international research, training programs and best practices.

We are proud of this achievement and continue to work hard for you. This recognition motivates us to strive for even higher standards in the organization of exhibitions.

Join us!

Do not miss the opportunity to become a part of this significant event. Book your stand at Flora Expo Astana now on special terms.